Hi there ! My name is Holly Wells, and as well as being a self professed fan of all things bright, happy, and adorable, I am a portrait artist living and working in Kent with my much loved ratties and our dog Buddy.

My childhood adoration for all things animal never faded even as I started my first tentative steps into adulthood ! Combine that with a passion for doodling with crayons, mud, and anything else I could get my mitts on, these loves led rather naturally to a career sketching and painting pet and wildlife portraits. I particularly enjoy working with watercolours and digitally, and these have become my medium of choice when it comes to recreating pets onto paper, and there aren't many animals I won't relish the opportunity to draw !

When I'm not painting or doodling, you can probably find me cuddled up on the sofa watching cartoons with the ratties, or covered head to toe in mud after chasing a corgi through the woods.